Artist Statement


As a designer, I am heavily influenced by the human form.  The sweeping lines of a collarbone, the roundness of a flexed muscle, and the crisp shadows of folded skin find expression in all of my pieces.  By referring the the body for inspiration, echoing the juxtaposition between hard and soft, the skeletal and the muscular, I hope to imbue my work with humanity.  Whatever the personality of a piece - elegant, earnest or playful - I want it to be recognizable and approachable.  Good design, after all, is human.  It mirrors us, it completes us and it fills our living spaces with life. 

Fundamentally, I am a tactile person.  Having spent much of my life touching and tapping the furniture around me, I understand the enjoyment that comes from interacting with beautiful materials and well-crafted objects.  Sensory delight is a guiding principle in my design process.  Be it through a pleasing  contrast in materials, an unexpected blast of texture, or a well-considered detail, my work aims to offer moments of delight for the user.  In this respect, I place a high importance on choosing the best materials possible and exploiting all of the visual and textural properties.