Stephen Dalrymple was born in Mississauga, Ontario, and like many youngsters of his generation he spent much of his early life glued to a television set.   Two shows, Mr. Dressup and Wok with Yan, were instrumental in his development as a maker.  To Stephen there was nothing more compelling than the crisp “snick, snick, snick” sound of Dressup’s scissors as he cut toilet paper tubes and construction paper; and there was nothing more fascinating than the ease with which Yan finessed a cleaver, making stir-fries and telling jokes to his audience at home.  By the time he was six, Stephen had logged hundreds of hours with his mentors.  He had learned that putting his hands on materials and making things could be a joyous experience.  

After eight years of teaching high school English, Stephen decided to follow his passion of furniture design.  Stephen has been a student in the Furniture Craft and Design program at Sheridan college for almost three years now.  He is heavily influenced by both Scandinavian and Brazilian furniture design traditions.   This is evident in his work, which is sober in its craftsmanship and attention to detail, and joyous in its incorporation of materials such as leather and brass.  True to his past as a literature major, Stephen creates highly narrative pieces, as he believes that objects are more appealing when they are attached to stories.  

Stephen is the recipient of several awards, including the Stephen Harris award and the Ian Davis award, both for excellence in woodworking.  Stephen has shown his work at Sheridan College, and most recently at Reveal, a showcase Sheridan’s graduating furniture students, hosted by Craft Ontario at the 2016 Toronto Design Offsite Festival.  As he wraps up his final year of study at Sheridan, Stephen looks forward to opening his own studio in the Toronto.